So you like it dirty, eh?

What could be more steaming hot than sexy firefighters? lol Nothing better than a man in a uniform.unless it's a man in a uniform:)

Hot guys in camo.,. The only thing that would make it better would be tattoos or cowboy hats

Hot guys in camo. Men in military uniforms are sexy hot. I know, that is why I joined the Army.

military men

Patrick O'Brian as a Soldier. I love a man in uniform.

YUM <3

I think I died a little. i would set fire to my house.just for this guy to save me.


wow-must remember to be xtra nice to our firemen! I smell smoke !

There's something about Firemen...

Carl, in all his arrogance, is also a volunteer fire fighter. Does it feel good to say I lost my virginity to a hot fireman?

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Because this is what all the firemen I know look like, lol! However my fire man is pretty cute :)


Elvis Presley is seen wearing the Omega Constellation watch while on military duty in the late


if all firemen looked like this, i might have to leave some open flames in the house =]