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Stuff I Need to Know

Stuff I Need to Know

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5 Ideas for Improving Your Bible Study: Understanding Scripture increases our love for Jesus and guides us through life's journeys. These ideas help us improve our Bible knowledge.

1-Minute Bible Love Notes: 5 Ideas for Studying the Bible

Not sure how to be intentional when developing your relationship with Christ? These 7 simple tips make a huge difference!

7 Tips for Your Intentional Relationship with Christ

It’s everywhere – the term “OMG”. It’s in magazines, movies, on television, Facebook,  Twitter, blogs…yes, Christian ones, at Christian conferences…on the platform {gasp!} and it even sneaked into our house on a shirt my daughter received as a Christmas gift. There's a problem with this...

The Problem With OMG {Exodus 20} - Women Living Well

How an introvert's brain works compared to how an extrovert's brain works

Introversion and Extroversion: A Matter of the Brain.

The descent into women letting themselves go is a slow, and often unconscious decision made by women over the course of many years. Here is one woman's story of how she became a frumpy housewife and then decided to change it.

Deep Thoughts: Why Do Women Let Themselves Go? - The Glamorous Housewife

A Few Helpful Hints It Might Make Your Life a Bit Easier

Helpful Hints to Make Life Easier

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this!!

Jars for Things

Some of these blew my mind! Great ideas.

10 Things You Didn't Know Your Microwave Could Do

Could you (or one of your kids) be a highly sensitive person? All about what that really means and how it can help us understand ourselves and others.

Let's talk about highly sensitive people

I live the good life on only $18k/year and rarely ever shop in stores. Why should I when I get free shipping, delivery to my door, and cheaper prices online? Here's 37 reasons to shop online!

37 Reasons to Shop Online - Sarah Titus

Cucumber Slices At picnics or BBQs, slice cucumber slices and lay them around. It keeps bees away. Learned this at the maple syrup booth at our state fair, no bees around. It was really amazing.

Homemade Wasp Repellent

Do you find yourself constantly worried about everything? You are not the only one! Here is one woman's tale of anxiety and how she overcame it.

How To Stop Worrying About Everything - The Glamorous Housewife

5 Ways to Stay Sane Moving! Are you moving soon -- or sometime in the future? This post is PACKED with practical advice... and the comments are amazing, too!

5 Ways to Stay Sane While Moving

12 Spices to Keep on Hand - Love this breakdown!

Discover some of the super simple ways you can prevent brown sugar from becoming as hard as a rock and also how you can fix it!

How to Properly Store and Soften Brown Sugar - Dishes and Dust Bunnies

Tips for creating the right mindset to downsize and simplify your life!

How to actually finish your to-do list! We all have priorities… whether we’ve pre-determined them or not. We can choose to make living with intention a priority or we can choose to make letting life hit us as it comes a priority. If we don’t decide ahead of time our intentions for the day, in almost every case, the day will fill up.

How to Finish Your To Do List {Almost} Every Day

Living on one income is possible for a lot of people if you're committed and focused. Check out these tips to help make your stay at home mom dreams come true!

Top Moving Tips and Tricks for a DIY frugal move (where hopefully nothing gets broken!). Totally pinning for future reference.

Top Moving Tips and Tricks

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY GOAL SETTING! Goals give you passion, purpose, motivation, and drive. You wake up each day with intention: you have a plan and you have direction.

How to Change Your Life By Setting Goals

scratches on leather furniture. I'm sure I will need this.

How to Remove Scratches on Leather

They say it's hard for a family to live on one income. They're wrong! Come along with me as I show you how I, a single SAHM, live pretty DARN good!

Money Saving Tricks: 30 Days to a Better Life {Series} - Sarah Titus

Tired of schlepping a suitcase around the globe? Here are some truly helpful tips for packing light. Once you go backpack, you never go back!

Leave It At Home! Learn How to Pack Light.

Instructions for how to stop junk mail, including prescreened credit card offers, direct mail marketing, and more from your mailbox, for free, courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101.

How To Stop Junk Mail: Instructions To Opt Out And Eliminate It

Are you tired of not having money? Are you having trouble paying your bills? Read how you can STOP living paycheck to paycheck and start saving money.

How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck - Frugal Fanatic