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I think I'm going to get this.

Geek up the entrance to your home by adding an enter key doormat to your front stoop. The enter key doormat is styled like the enter key you'd see on a QWERTY keyboard. You can try to convince guests that jumping on the key will open your door, too.

iTap charger spills electricity, not water.

iTap charger spills electricity, not water. Can be turned off so you aren't wasting energy while not charging!

I am going to do every one of the things in this book and amass a collection of ... *puts on shades* ... g a l a c t i c   p r o p o r t i o n s

Use the paper, Luke. Enact the Empire vs the Rebel Alliance with the Star Wars Origami Book.Create characters and vehicles straight from the movies. Have fun making cute paper characters and decorate your room with them.