Naked man orchid

Flowers/blooms-I always plucked a thistle & planted a flower were I thought a flower would grow..
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year-round indoor tulips! Love love love this!!!

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water - Sand and Sisal

Petunias just love the sun, and now with the many new varieties of Petunias on the market – the days of having to dead head your plant of its flowers to encourage more flowers is over.

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Proven Winner Freedom Trail = 1 Superbells Cherry Blossom, 1 Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Bacopa & 1 Superbena Pink Shades (12" Container). Plant the Cherry Blossom in the front center, The Superbena in the back right and the Giant Snowflake in the back left.

Freedom Trail | Proven Winners

Banksia coccinea

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Buckinghamia celsissima - Ivory Curl. Spectacular tree when in flower. © All Rights Reserved - Black Diamond Images

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Australian Violet (Viola hederacea) A shade loving perennial, perfect for woodland paths. If left to naturalize, it will form a 2-4" mat that tolerates foot traffic.

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Eucalyptus cosmophylla in flower in the Australian Garden. Grows to 10m as a single trunk for or to 5 m as a multi-stem mallee form. Photographer: Rodger Elliot.

Eucalypt trail finds stories in the trees - GardenDrum

Bearded Iris 'Pink Champagne'

Rainbow Daylilies

Spathoglottis hybrid

OrchidCraze: FOMOS Monthly Orchid Show 2012

Puya Alpestris...this plant can only be found in Chile and flowers only after 10 yrs...RARE indeed.

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Dragon Fruit flower

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Beautiful Baobab flower ~ rarely seen.

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Banksia praemorsa

Banksias Archives - Mallee Native Plants

Banksia ericifolia - Heath Banksia

Banksia ericifolia - Heath Banksia

Banksia media Australian Native Plant

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Australian native plant - Banksia

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Grevillea lanigera An evergreen compact native with fine dark green foliage, which adds a striking contrast for the masses of cream and pink spider flowers that appear over a long period of time. It is frost hardy and requires little water once established. It can...

Grevillea Dwarf Greencape

Bluebell flower (Endymion non-scriptum)

Bluebell flower close up (Endymion non-scriptum)

How to make your grocery store-bought flowers look expensive

How to Make Grocery Store Flowers Look Like a Million Bucks

How To Cheaply And Easily Make Your Own Flower Arrangements - BuzzFeed Mobile

How To Cheaply And Easily Make Your Own Flower Arrangements

Phebalium sqamulosum 'Cinnamon and Gold' • Australian Native Plants Nursery • Plants • 800.701.6517

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How to Grow Orchids • Great tips and Ideas!

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Osteospermum..African Daisy in bloom

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How to Grow African Daisies

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lovely purple flowers - I actually have these in my garden, this shade and also a darker shade.

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