I want this just like this but have the feathers be more full and have one of the outer feathers unfold to become birds flying off. At this feather with the birds have it say follow your dreams. On the other side of the sunflower have it says there's still hope.

luv the sunflower dream catcher idea. feathers need to be more full with maybe charms that represent things for my family.

Shoulder roses tattoo

Shoulder roses tattoo, to hook up with my purple roses on my left shoulder to go along back into right shoulder and to go with Miss Frog!

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I like the use of diff flowers in the arrangement. Large floral upper back tattoo by D'Lacie Jeanne.

White Ink 'Warrior + Arrow' Wrist Tattoo

51 Amazing White Ink Tattoos

White Ink 'Warrior + Arrow' Wrist Tattoo Beautiful way to accentuate your semicolon tattoo!

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