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Hi ;) those are all fair points you made. I'm just glad all my anger has gone away and I'm able to breathe normal again. I really want to be with you but I feel like the time has passed us by and it's difficult to get it back. I just wish you would have left many months ago. At least you're home now and can have your own shower back and kitty can run around and you get her snuggles again. ;)

relationships should be for life enhancement and not survival. Sometimes life circumstances bring about the need to depend on one another for survival but survival should never be the reason two people are joined together.

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Please tell me I'm not as forgettable as your silence is making me feel. still can't wrapped how you gave up on me.yes I was difficult and hard to deal with at times.I try to tell you I was damaged .

I used to think I could sing until I heard it recorded! I still sing to clients when I'm tattooing them though. Hurts worse than the tattoo lmao

A man that knows of your sadness and sleeps...doesn't deserve your love at all..

A man who knows of your sadness and sleeps.doesn't deserve your love at all. Huang Shang, you did nothing when you knew I had a bad time with a cashier at GIANT 2 days ago.