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    Kids' Books About Grandparents

    My favorite children's books with grandparent characters.

    Kids' Books About Grandparents

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    A book for grandparents who want to share their love of gardening with their grandchildren.

    Get the Grandkids Interested in Gardening

    Love this counting book!

    Fun Counting Book Features Granny

    Ricky's Dream Trip Through the Solar System is kiddie lit that is both imaginative and educational.

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    When Lizzie is left in charge of the antique shop, she doesn't anticipate that someone will try to buy Grandpa! #grandparents #kidlit

    Grandpa for Sale

    David really wants Ruben Plotnick for a friend. . . but what is he going to do about Grandma Rosie? Good book for grandchildren dealing with a grandparent's cognitive decline.

    Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick

    If you've ever been fascinated by topiaries or entranced by a grandparent's life story, this is the book for you.

    Grandpa Green, a Whimsical Grandfather Book for Children

    Grandma Tillie and her alter egos come to visit. . . #grandparents #kidlit

    Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie - Book About Grandma

    If your grandchildren have lost a grandparent or a great-grandparent, this is a wonderful book for them--and for you.

    Wishes for One More Day

    You have to read this book so you'll have a good answer when the grandkids ask you about your spots and wrinkles! #grandparents #kidlit

    Grandfather's Wrinkles

    Sometimes it's grandmas and grandpas raising the kids. Here's a book for children in this situation. #kidlit #grandparents

    Book for Children Whose Parents Are Grandparents

    Originally published in France, this book about grandparents is both amusing and informative. #kidlit #grandparents

    Grandparents! - A Good Children's Picture Book to Share

    Wonderful artwork updates this classic 1959 book. #kidlit #grandparents

    Grandfather and I: a Children's Book About Grandfathers

    A grandfather and grandson share fantastical adventures. Great picture book by Rosemary Mastnak. #kidlit #grandparents

    Children's Book Review: Adventures With Grandpa

    Tasmanian artist Rosemary Mastnak takes a whimsical look at grandmothers and grandchildren in the kitchen. Great art! #kidlit #grandmothers

    Children's Book Review: Cooking With Grandma

    The modern grandma who "could" do most anything is celebrated in this delightful line of books. #kidlit #grandmothers

    My Grandma Could Do Anything

    Mercer Mayer's Little Critter and his grandma go to the beach. #kidlit #grandparents

    The Best Kids' Books About Grandparents

    Animal characters star in this clever look at the grandparent-grandchild relationship. #kidlit #grandparents

    The Ultimate Book for Grandchildren

    Comedian Billy Crystal brings his unique perspective to becoming a grandparent. #kidlit #grandparents

    A Children's Book That's Really for Grandparents-to-Be