And this is a typical example of why not to believe everything we see in magazines...

Adobe Photoshop Day Cream: Madonna Photo: This Photo was uploaded by giopetsgraphicart. Find other Adobe Photoshop Day Cream: Madonna pictures and photo.

Land Rover UK – More pull

70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice

Black on black

Alex Keating posted Matte Black Coke Zero to his -graphic designs- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Brilliant minimalist print ad for adidas Sandals.Does anyone know who made it?

Brilliant minimalist print ad for adidas. Sandal is a combination of their logo and a true contour of adidas sandals. Simple yet impactful.

funi hairstyle... will be a nice craft made out of TP

25 Examples Daring Business Card Designs

Hair Dresser Business Cards - such a fun idea and design. Plus I wanna make these with my kids now.

volkswagen_lemon_hires1.jpg (788×1000)

How to Create a Print Advertising the Sells

The Print Ad titled Lemon was done by DDB Berlin advertising agency for product: Volkswagen Car Parts (brand: Volkswagen) in Germany. It was released in the Nov Cars, Repair parts Advertising campaign: Think Small, Lemon

Colsubsidio Book Exchange Print Ad

Two Novels In One Image "Harry Potter and Troy" - A brilliant ad campaign for Colsubsidio Book Exchange by advertising agency that illustrates two different stories within a single image. “Come with one story; leave with another.

"Victims are people just like you and me" #bus #humanitarian #ads #advertising  // ACAT is an organization working to stop torture.

ACAT Campaign Against Torture: Back Of Seats_“Victims are people just like you and Christian campaign to abloish torture.” (Advertising Agency: Advico Y, Zurich, Switzerland)

Chupa chups

Sugar free Chupa Chups Great ad- completely solved it with a visual and a tagline. It's so simple but really clever. This is the type of thing that I'd like to make. There's a ton of other great ads in this article, definitely worth checking out.

More ideas
Image and Type-Kylie Storts: This is an advertisement for Heinz ketchup. I love the way they created the "tomato" out of a ketchup bottle flipped upside down. The minimal text just to put in their slogan works very well.

Heinz ketchup poster - in this poster, designer put the stalk of tomato on top of the ketchup bottle to represent tomato. Designer used just two elements(ketchup bottle and tomato top) but now it show new aspect from that. It's simple but smart.

Las palabras matan guerras... y desafortunadamente también las crean.

POSTER - This ad promotes talking about issues instead of resorting to violence. It transforms weapons into tools that are used to speak.

I think this idea in a newspaper would be cool. Breaks up the heavy blocks of text for a change. Nice use of positive and negative space. Looks like the letters are actually blowing off the page.

Had enough bad news? Advertising Agency: Winsper, Boston, USA Creative Director: Steve Bautista Art Directors: Brian Fandetti, Mitch Lunsford Copywriters: Steve Bautista, Chris Lee Photographer: Ed James Retouching: Act Two Um/Stuart Callow Publishe

STEPH.Heinz ad campaign "No one grows ketchup like Heinz" is a simple example of how advertisers utilise visual metaphors. With a shift towards healthy eating individuals are now seeking healthier options. The visual metaphor here denotes that the entire bottle only uses the freshest and most organic products. Through the sliced tomato shaped into a bottle connotations such as "fresh" and healthy are placed into the minds of the audience.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup This ad shows the need to satisfy curiosity. It shows this by having the ketchup bottle look like slices of tomatoes. Which satisfies the curiosity that it is made with real tomatoes.

From fat to fit! Kinda cool!!

Gold’s Gym - Fat Fat Fit: Minimalist, straight to the point. Regardless of context this is one ad easy to understand where visual and copy work perfectly together.

Deceptively Empowered Coffee Ads – This Coffee Campaign Illustrates Home Appliance Symbols

Deceptively Empowered Coffee Ads – This Coffee Campaign Illustrates Home Appliance Symbols

Powerful stuff Raid...I found this and thought of one of my co-workers from the LSS (I think we all know who I'm talking about lol).

ELIPSIS This is so funny. Raid saying it can kill all insects-- spiderman ! Love the cleverness!

It's interesting to see advertising helping people in every day situations. IBM has been killing it with their designs lately!  IBM Turns Its Ads Into Useful Urban Furniture

IBM Turns Its Ads Into Useful Urban Furniture

IBM Smart ideas for smarter cities. IBM campaign from Ogilvy & Mather France. Outdoor advertising becomes urban street furniture.

Campanha para o "Bank Food": "Muitas pessoas comem nas ruas"

Changing the Conversation to Poverty

Too many people eat on the streets - Israeli Food bank, by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y Tel Aviv Agency