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Thankful Thursday Giveaway #FCThankful
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Our April Adapta Cap #Giveaway is underway... Enter to win! Head over to our Giveaway tab here on FB or visit this link: One lucky winner will receive a Recap Mason Jars Adapta Cap with a newly released green heritage Ball® Canning & Recipes mason jar. #WhatWillYouReCAP #MasonJars #DIY

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Hand-Thrown Fermenting Crock: Beautiful hand-made fermenting crock by an American artist. Lacto-fermentation with style. Ferment in Oxidized Copper #FCThankful

Hand-Thrown Fermenting Crock

Cuppow! – Sipping Lid for Canning Jars: This is CUPPOW – a fun solution for easier drinking from a regular mouth canning jar. Wide mouth. #FCThankful

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Plant Nanny Recycle-a-Wine-Bottle Waterer: Waters your plants automatically using an over-turned wine or beer bottle. #FCThankful

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Food Mill: Make smooth or chunky tomato or apple sauce, baby food, and fluffy mashed potatoes! #FCThankful

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Apple Tool – Peels, slices and cores in one motion! This is one of those kitchen gadgets you really truly need if you get into Fall apple mania like I do. With a turn of the lever, it peels, slices and cores the apple all at once. #FCThankful

Apple Tool – Peels, slices and cores in one motion! - FARMcurious

Handmade Trellis Topper: Create beautiful bean pole trellises in two easy steps with these one-of-a-kind handmade trellis toppers. #FCThankful

Handmade Trellis Topper - FARMcurious

ReCAP Fermenting Set: The complete 3-piece set to make your own DIY fermenting vessel. Size: Wide mouth Color: Zinc #FCThankful

FARMcurious Fermenting Set with ReCAP: Pre-order - FARMcurious

Beautiful hand-thrown fermenting crock by American artist. Lacto-fermentation with style. "Ferment" in oxidized copper. #FCThankful

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