Brochure by Tony Huynh

by Tony Huynh- i Love the layout of this the use of lines and color keeping with the theme in mostly yellow and black. With the crisp imagery works well for fashion-

black  white

An entry from dancininwonderland

Black & white - vertical stripes with punched out sphere revealing back of a woman. Basic, simple, but still I love this kind of art! Been messing with some similar art myself!

How I achieve goals through Kindness, Accountability and Bold Moves

Achieving Goals with Kindness, Accountablity & #Boldmoves

Be Kind. LC: Don't know a thing about the site but I do love this, the design, the lettering, the colors, but most of all the message.


Graphic design inspiration graphic design, typography Enjoy San Francisco Poster by Albert and Marie graphic S

workshops é neste país.

The hierarchy is interesting and the breakdown and combination of different type sizes is creating a lot of movement throughout each of these posters. I like the pop of colour on each of the poster.

Alex Leonhardt

Tate Modern Turbine Hall Publication via Behance Art Art director cover Artwork Visual Graphic Mixer Composition Communication Typographic Work Digital