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So sad

Ok, I've watch so many shows and games that involve shocking and traumatic death scenes, but this easily takes the cake, it's just too sad to think that his love of his life died before he could propose to her.

Repost Please

Why does the black soldier who did the same shit as all of the white soldiers have a black boot? And the rest that are whit have a tan boot? America has no respect for those of color who do everything to protect it.


This is funny! You'll only get it if you know the song. Suicidal Tendencies: "Institutionalized" Listen to this song when I go jogging!

PLEASE REPIN FOR HER "Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I'm not proud to admit that I self harm. But recently I've been considering finally throwing away my blades. This is not for attention, but if this picture gets a decent amount of likes/repins, I promise I'll throw them all away. Again, I promise this is not for attention, I just want to see how many people would actually care if I stopped.."

guys theres this girl elizabeth shes thoring her knifes away if you like or repost so help her i don't know her but she is doing the right thing here so please help her!