Vasti Abigail Saez Figueroa

Vasti Abigail Saez Figueroa

Soy como soy, al que le gusta bueno y al que no, pico c:
Vasti Abigail Saez Figueroa
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Dive right in and make some one-of-a-kind, kid friendly DIY fish crafts today!

Using wood craft sticks, felt and some fun colorful embellishments, you too can pull this adorable DIY fish craft together with your child in no time!

Una sencilla idea que te ayudará a relajarte. Además, los materiales son muy fáciles de conseguir.

"A calm jar. You fill the jar with colored water and glitter. When you are upset you shake the jar and have to watch it until the glitter completely settles. The time it takes is enough time for you to settle your emotions.

Add a festive touch to your home décor by crafting a few of these adorable DIY yarn balls. It's a fun yarn craft that everyone (even kids) can get involved with and is perfect for using up old or leftover yarn.

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