Loungebereich mit Glasgaube (Glasgaube)

Expansion into and out of an attic space.

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Who doesn't love a great Window Seat? Somewhere to curl up, take five, and be as close to the view as possible.take a tour of some of the most creative window seats right here.

Window seat

Bal Residence by Terry & Terry Architecture

Bal House / Terry & Terry Architecture_ Deep set windows, I love this idea for cold climates.

#Badezimmer #Fenster #Holz Mehr

360°: Kleines Chalet in Gsteig

Modern living - mit einer dreiläufigen Schiebetüre von Armbruster Bauelemente Karlsruhe die maximale Verbindung zu Terrasse und Garten herstellen - draußen leben, solange es das Wetter zuläßt.

Germans love lots of south-facing sliding glass doors.

window bench

Interior detail for bay window. Stretching out the "window seat" so that it is actually a place where you would want to settle.

Büro Fenster mit Sitzecken gestalten

maybe: Window seating when someone feels like doing hw outside but doesn't actually have to be outside to take in the scene Heavybit Industries IwamotoScott Architecture San Francisco

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