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an abstract painting with brown and white paint on it's surface, in the shape of a spiral
PaperJoy Studio
Kelly M. O'Brien, Playing With Fire No. 29 . Paper, gold leaf, flame. 49 x 35 x 1.25 inches. ©2016. Commissioned for Ithaca Marriott Downtown on the Commons Hotel.
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase and pen
PaperJoy Studio
Kelly M. O'Brien, Playing With Fire No. 34 . Paper, gold leaf, flame. 27.5 x 19.5 x 4.2 inches. ©2016. Commissioned for Norwegian Cruise Lines Joy .
a white table topped with lots of silverware next to a string of beads and a necklace
PaperJoy Studio
"Playing with Fire 2" (detail) by Kelly O'Brien (2013)
an abstract painting with white and gold paint on the bottom, surrounded by small circles
"Playing with Fire 7" / paper, gold leaf, flame -by Kelly O'Brien (2013) | HELO ROCHA in 2019 | Art, Illustration art, Paper art
"Playing with Fire 7" / paper, gold leaf, flame -by Kelly O'Brien (2013):
a piece of art hanging on the wall with beads coming out of it's sides
karen margolis
a piece of paper that has been cut into pieces and is sitting on top of a wall
the process of painting is being made with different colors and shapes, including pinks
Mary Button Durell: Paper Sculpture
'Biomorphic + Organic Abstractions' by Mary Button Durell. : Made from tracing paper and wheat paste, her designs resemble cellular membranes, ethereal bodies and skeletal structures of underwater life-forms.
a painting of a cruise ship in the water with other boats and buildings behind it
Another amazing acrylic study of the Liverpool ferries from Collette Collinge
two people hugging each other in the dark with stars and moon on them, as if they are kissing
Swirling GIF Illusions Look Like the Universe Breathing
Get lost in a mesmerizing galactic collaboration between James R. Eads and The…
two women are walking down the street with shopping bags and one is holding her hand up
a painting of a man playing the guitar on a street corner with buildings in the background
two boats sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
Boats on the Dee - now available as a limited edition print
two boats in the water near each other with clouds above them and one boat on the beach
Boats on the Dee Estuary - original artwork now for sale
a painting of two goldfish swimming in the water next to a statue and mountains
Images of Japan
an elephant standing in front of a sunset
Savannah Elephant
a painting of a dog and chicken in a circle with daffodils around it
Lakeland Rosie
Koi Zen Koi
Koi Zen
a dessert with nuts and carrots on it
Allrecipes | Recipes, How-Tos, Videos and More
Carrot cake recipe UK
a roasting pan filled with cooked meat and vegetables on top of a wooden table
Recipe: Slow-roasted shoulder of lamb
Slow roasted shoulder of lamb. Perfect for easter!
a casserole dish with cinnamon rolls in it on a yellow and white napkin
Hot cross bread & lemon pudding
Hot cross bread & lemon pudding, perfect for easter when the family comes around. An Easter afternoon treat.
three cookies with white icing on them sitting on a gray surface, next to each other
Hot cross cookies
Hot cross cookies
the cake is decorated with marshmallows and has chocolate icing on top
Mini Egg cake recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
Mini egg cake recipe from @sainsburysmag. The perfect bake for Easter, get cracking!
1h 30m
several muffins are sitting on black trays next to each other and one is wrapped in wax paper
Hot cross muffin buns
Hot cross muffin buns. Try this light and spicy version of everyone's favourite Easter treat
a box filled with donuts sitting on top of a table
Coconut Party Rings | Biscuit Recipes | Tesco Real Food
Have fun decorating these tropically sweet Coconut Party Rings. Great for birthdays or just as a Tuesday treat!
a painting of a heart with a rose on it
Valentine's Rose
two wine glasses sitting next to each other in front of a heart
Cheers! One of my original creations for Valentines day
an oil painting of the white cliffs at seven sisters beach, isle of lewis in scotland
The Seven Sisters
a painting of a person with a dragon on his hand
Images of Nara – original watercolour