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Come learn valuable information and advice on how to help students of all ages with planning, time management, and Organization - Executive Functioning skills.

60 Minutes: Face Blindness Part 1; this video shows interviews with people who are face blind and their experiences with prosopagnosia.

This will be very useful !!

"Right answers" may give a child high marks on a worksheet, but solving authentic problems using creativity will prepare that student for life.

8's, another memorization

Music’s Effect on Learning [infographic]

Judy Singer, an autistic sociologist, invented a word to describe conditions like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD: neurodiversity. Given the advantages of diversity in all other natural areas, she believed there are advantages to neurodiversity, as well. She wanted the focus to be on the benefits of having a society filled with a variety of minds, and to move away from negative terms like "disorders". Check out the rest of this article:

"Several people requested a mind map for Dyscalculia (often called "math dyslexia"). Many students, including my younger sister, have both dyslexia and dyscalculia. Things that may seem simple to others, like number lines or chronology, are difficult concepts for students with dyscalculia."

Sub, dyslexia for don't know what I can or can't do, it's my brain, not yours.

Stress can cause memory problems, inability to concentrate or focus, poor judgment, seeing only the negatives, anxiety and over thinking.

Executive Function "cheat sheet"

A surprising way to improve executive function (higher-order mental skills that allow us to plan & organize, make considered decisions, manage our time, & focus our attention): aerobic activity

Six Important Facts to Know About Math Learning Disabilities

Understanding Dyscalculia

They told me that with a spatial temporal disorder that I might have some trouble recognizing faces. I struggle with minor face blindness.


World's most accurate pie chart

Music Improves Math and Spatial Skills

Door Locks for Drunk People...or sober people w poor visual spatial skills like me :)

Jenga - spatial skills

develop spatial skills

The Bionic Woman jigsaw puzzle (any jigsaw helps spatial ability)


tangram puzzles

Clever way to teach a right brained learner long division!

Great article on Math disability Dyscalculia

Math Learning Disability as Common as Dyslexia