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Build Your Capsule Wardrobe from the ground up. Infographic

Buy Capsule Wardrobe For Men eBook online - Step by step build a perfect capsule wardrobe. Essential wardrobe for men.

10 Dress Shoes Ranked Formal To Casual Infographic

10 Dress Shoes Ranked Formal To Casual Infographic

Custom Brown Herringbone Tweed 3 Piece Suit Monkey Suits

Custom three piece suit features Herringbone pattern Brown soft wool tweed Two buttons down the front Five buttons on vest Rear adjustable strap Flat front pants differential on pants

Design Triangle on Behance

Business infographic & data visualisation The Triangle design process. Infographic Description The Triangle design process.

Ancient Rome: Supercity - a great discussion starter or immersion resource which outlines some of the major 'firsts' of Rome. “Rome: Ancient Supercity Infographic.” 2014. The History Channel website. Aug 5 2014, 12:13

I love the study of Ancient Roman architecture, art, history and the incredible society they built. The Romans used a sauce from dead fish guts to season their food. It is akin to today's Worcester sauce. Who knew?

Natural illumination.  Of course, this all depends where you live and what your window orientation is.  At my latitude, I don't have to worry about not getting enough solar penetration into a room because at mid-winter, the sunlight penetrates almost 5 metres.

Diagrams shows a room that using light shelves to create a bright area, as well as allows natural sun light to fall on the other side of the room. The diagrams also show light shelves being used to direct passive light inside the room.