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Great container from @Nick C McCullough The combination of the three plants here creates a striping of color. The bottom color stripe comes from the trailing silver ponysfoot and spiderwort fills in the base of the container. Finally, mother-in-law’s tongue rises to almost three feet, creating the top stripe.

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Container Garden Combinations | Garden Design

Great idea using inexpensive Majesty palms. Tropic Escape mandevilla and hibiscus surrounding its base. Botanic name: Ravenea rivularis Care tip: Majesty palms like moist soil, but don’t allow them to dry out or sit in water. Love planters with mixed tropical plants...

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Costa Farms' Slideshow - Elegant Palms for Every Setting

7 DIY Planter Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of (PHOTOS)

A Planter Made From A Milk Carton And 6 Other Cool Ideas

.This indoor Plant Stand, instead of the Antique bird cage from Antique store with two live birds in it that could talk? lol hmm?

Branch Plant Stand

house plants, succulents, cactus and indoor gardens | potted plants and botanical design for the indoor garden


20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas

20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips and Ideas (with pictures!)

How to Design & Style and Orchid Plant

Fall container gardening, flowers ornamental cabbage, ornamental grasses, pansies, mums WELCOME AUTUMN WITH A BOLD STATEMENT | Terrassa


Beautiful succulents in pots....ceramic in the flower garden | Ceramic urns | Flowers And Garden

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Plants produce oxygen essentially cleaning the air we breathe of airborne microbes, mold spores, and bacteria (thanks plants!). Indoor plants can also absorb contaminants like benzene and formaldehyde! Add houseplants to the home office, bathroom, bedrooms and living spaces as truly green air filtration system! #spon #ebay

The Essential Guide to Growing Beautiful Houseplants

Water plants

Peter Lippmann :: photographer :: WATER PLANTS 1 /

water lettuce, water plant, water garden

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Water Lettuce is another great plant for preventing algae in standing water. It reminds us of lush vegetation. ;-D

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hypertufa planter

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Concrete Hand Planter Tutorial - For a quirky planter that doubles as garden art, fill an old work glove with prepared cement in a bucket to curve the fingers. Allow time to set then remove glove carefully and plant out. Make a pair or just one at a time. Hardy succulents are a perfect choice for this kind of micro garden. | The Micro Gardener

Hypertufa Hands

Hypertufa mixture in surgical gloves. Poke holes in ends of fingers to let out air and drape palm down on top of a spray paint can ...makes a good indenture to place plants.

I tryed the recipe suggested for Hypertufa hands....did it!!!

Herb gardens have never been so cool!

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Inventive Herb Garden Ideas

Giant 8" Tiger Nautilus Shell and Driftwood Sculptural Planter, Beach Shell Planter, Driftwood Planter, Driftwood Sculpture, Driftwood Art

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Olive Jars in Garden, Patio | Crate and Barrel

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Potted Garden

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Modern Planters

Outdoor Terraces: Glebe

Red wooden cactus/succulents

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IMG_0183 Photo by zchick1836 | Photobucket

Head planter at it's best

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