4 seasons

Love this Seasons picture idea. Let Ty choose the spot, snap in each season, then frame it.

4 season in 1 picture

There is an interesting contest in called “Extra Seasoning”, which requires participants to create an image represents four seasons. seasonal stroll, By bananasfritters

four seasons

Seasons change to show how the environment differs depending on the time of year. This image shows how the same tree looks completely different in each season.

Afficher l'image d'origine

Time lapse photography is a very unique and amazing technique in the field of photography. Time lapse photography is a technique


May Water cleanse you, May Air teach you, May Fire drive you, May Earth be a foundation for you. From Avatar The Last Airbender. I already have the fire symbol on my foot.


the 4 basic elements of life. pure energy and control or directed by the 1 known as the element of Aether. or Ge-force.the very heart of all life everywhere.no exceptions.