Tutorial for making the fastest, easiest pillowcase ever, from the owner of our local quilt shop. A half inch seam to do it all together might be better for me. And trying a french seam around the corner was no go. (clip the corner diagonally off)

Notes from the Patch: Tutorial Tuesday - #24 Pillowcases


How to Sew a Pillow • 2 ways • 1 yard of fabric--fantastic project for a beginner sewer | MADE

How to Sew a Pillow • 2 ways • 1 yard of fabric


Waffle-stitch infinity scarf


Wool Pan Handle Cover (Knitted in wool, then felted)

Wool Pan Handle Cover


Pull-Apart Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread by sunnsideupsd #Bread #Pumpkin

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Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls...need to be kept in fridge or freezer. Yummy in milk all right. makes hot chocolate when dropped in milk. [A pile of these individually wrapped mounds with a mug would make for a perfect gift!]

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I liked this, a little mooshy but I ignored it. I can sometimes with chocolate.

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2 points baked crab rangoon 2 pieces. The filling is good, but the wraps didn't bake well in the cups.

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T-shirt headband. Easy and cute.

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LOVE these flowers, so easy to make. Especially with t-shirt fabric.

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Mine started to grow in water, now it is in dirt, and waiting. 3/14/2012

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I like this idea, but I have a hard time getting the air out of the bottom of the bags, so sometimes my rolls are fat.

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Used linen from an old skirt that I dyed brown, cut butterflies from other fabric. I like it. It sits on my counter.

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This was fun, my daughter made it, but it wouldn't stay lit with the "lid" on.

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Done in gray, part alpaca

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Easy, H hook, 4 ply acrylic yarn 45 st., fits 6 mo.

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