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everyday people dont get it think its stupid, nerdy, whatever. but they dont get that is the only thing that keeps me sane it makes me laugh it makes me cry and it really, really inspires me. so stop judging i love anime and manga nothing is ever gonna ch

delicate as an orchid, fair as a cherry blossom, the personification of feminine grace... and a dude. lol Steins Gate

Day 28 - favorite quote from any anime character: Okabe at (Steins;

Kekai Kotaki

The Darkening of Lautrec, The First Sunlight Warrior, The First Moonlight Warrior, Lord of the Darkmantle and thus Father of the Corrupted.

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Anime picture with original karasu-san long hair single tall image looking at viewer light erotic breasts purple eyes silver hair hair flower no bra arched back girl navel flower (flowers) earrings jewelry