The 10 Types of Hairbrushes: Are you using the right ones?

HairBrush(ology) -The 10 Types of Hairbrushes : Are you using the right ones?

how to poof

LOVE this ponytail! It almost looks like they cut a hair tie, attached bobby pins at both ends, then wrapped it around the ponytail. Either way I'm definitely trying it Hair

The Hair Bow Bun - love this so much, doubt it would work in my hair, but I love, love, love! Once my hair is long enough I know I could attempt putting my hair up in this hair bow Bun! the hair bow Bun style!

Retro 60s hair + makeup

Sexy side sweep hair girl pretty hair color hairstyle hair ideas gorgeous hair cuts side sweep Its AWESOME

Love and want long hair:/

Don’t know what to do with your hair? – look no further (28 photos)

Easy long hair up do

Cute, easy up-do for longer hair

10 ways to change up your ponytail

10 Curly Hair Ponytails to Change Up Your Look

Ok so I'm in love with the sock bun and bow look, but I can't understand how to get the sock/foam donut thing to work. Is it just my hair maybe? Cuz I know folding my hair around something is just not gonna happen!

spiked bun

There are 6 tips to buy these jewels: scarf hair band studded rivet spikes headband fashion hair accessory bag hair studs rivets rose roses rosebud knot top knot band black accessories gold studs cute spiked headband.