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a flyer for the 3 month summer special with an image of a woman pointing her finger
🌟 Summer Special Alert! 🌟 This summer, empower your child with our exclusive martial arts package! Designed for kids aged 6 to 14, the Sakubara Summer Special includes: ✅ Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Weapons Training ✅ FREE uniform and traditional weapons included! ✅ Exclusive price: $333 for three months (save 39%!) 🗓️ Classes: Tuesday to Thursday, 6:00-7:30 PM 🎯 Only 6 spots available! Don't miss out! Enroll your child in a summer of growth, discipline,...
two people in black uniforms are fighting with each other while wearing yellow and black gloves
Bullies often target those smaller than themselves. But many self-defense programs only have students practice with similarly sized partners. That's why at Sakubara Academy, we have rounds where purposefully mismatch our students so that they have to defend themselves in scenario that is unscripted and with an uncooperative partner. This is the most effective way to learn proper self-defense. Ready for your child to become bully-proof? Learn more through the link in our bio!
a man wearing a red helmet standing in front of a house
Did you get a chance to see the solar eclipse?
🎉 Big News from Sakubara Academy 🎉 World, Capoeira, The First, Thrill, Big, Free, Upside Down
🎉 Big News from Sakubara Academy 🎉
We've got an exciting announcement that's going to flip your world upside down (quite literally)! 🤸♂️ Starting this month, Sakubara Academy is thrilled to introduce our latest addition to our martial arts family: Capoeira Classes! 🥋💃 And because we believe in starting off on the right foot (or hand!), we're offering the first class absolutely free on April 31st! Yes, you read that right, April 31st! Mark your calendars! 📆
Sakubara Academy offers a joyful and memorable learning experience in self-defense, complete with...
Discover the unique blend of fun and learning at Sakubara Academy! Our students not only learn self-defense, but also build lasting memories filled with joy and friendship. Sign up for a FREE intro class today and watch your child thrive. Join us at Sakubara Academy – where every lesson is memorable!
Transform Your Child's Energy into Strength! Our roint sparring sessions are a blend of excitement and learning, where kids gain more than physical skills. They learn life's essential lessons. Curious about the impact on your child? DM us for more info!
Learning is fun!
If you're not having fun, you're not learning. #martialarts #bjj #jiujitsu
Students from Sakubara Academy win at Grandmaster Davis' 36th Annual Tournament. Baseball, Jumpers, Tournaments, Winner, Bjj, Davis
2022 GM Davis Tournament
Congratulations to our winners of GM Davis' 36th Annual Tournament. 👏 2x 🥇 BJJ 1x 🥇 Sparring 2x 🥈 Sparring 1x 🥈 Breaking
two men are practicing martial moves in a gym with one man holding his leg up
How many boards can you break with a side kick?
two young men practicing martial moves in a gym area with one man holding his hand out to the other
Have you considered a more meaningful way to spend time with your kids? At Sakubara Academy, martial arts is a way for families to bond and learn together.
Every rank is earned. Belts, Show Up, Hard, Earnings, Train Hard, Even, Belt, Work
Every rank is earned.
Every rank is earned at Sakubara Academy, even a white belt. It's not about how many times you show up for class, but putting in the work by training hard and always improving yourself.
Cross collar choke from mount. Art, Cross, The Mount, The Cross, Submissive, Submission, Collar, Mounting, Greats
Cross collar choke from mount.
The cross collar choke from the mount position is an easy submission that does not require a lot of investment to attempt. If it works, great! If not, then you're still in the mount position.
some people are standing in a room and one is holding a back pack while the other holds his hand out
Sparring Preparation
It's time for sparring! We're testing out new equipment. Can you spot it?
🥇 Winner by points