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1920s hats - daytime

Hats a 1920s girl might wear to luncheon, tea or work. Usually straw, felt or fabric with non-metallic trims. Hats often had wide brims up until about 1922 and lots of decoration including ribbonwork and feathers. Often have small frontal brims from 1922-1925, and longer, asymmetrical brims from 1926, or no brim. Over time, decoration becomes minimalistic, often made of self fabric. Hats in this period are usually molded from a hood so that the crown is seamless. The exception is fabric hats.
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Vintage 1920s Hat Flapper Cloche, with velvet and ruching. Amazing. Originally the ruching was a bright blue.


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1920 Cloche Hat Vintage White Straw Flapper Hat Original Downton Abbey Size 21

1920 Cloche Hat Vintage White Straw Flapper Hat Love the ribbonwork!


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1920s burnt orange velvet asymmetrical cloche with a wide hat band and side tie. 6 part crown


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This peach silk and lace covered cloche is a magnificent example of an early Art Deco fashion. With a Paris and New York label, it is unusual as the brim is made from finely hand-woven straw, which remains in superb, supple, mint condition. Although straw was a more predominate medium during the mid-20s, the slightly droopy brim silhouette dates this hat to circa 1920-21


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1920s coral red and white crocheted cloche with a graphic Art Deco design featuring 1 1/8-inch wide belts that overlap and end in spiral disks. There is a lacy ring of pointelle around the spiraled crown


Jazzy 1920's Art Deco Period Red & White Knit Cloche Hat

1920s Flapper era hat. Frilly and feminine, made of (faux) horsehair "lace" braid w straw braid woven through in lovely designs. The cloche hugs the head very close, and the beautiful draped ruffled brim hides the face and creates a sort of "windblown" effect. This is what was often called a "transparent" hat as it was almost see-through.


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1920's Sienna-Colored Simple and Elegant Cloche