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How I Helped My Son With Nutrigenomics, Part 1 | Akashic Records for Business and Personal

How I Helped My Son With Nutrigenomics, Part 1 I recently wrote a blog post about The Healing Power of Serotonin and in it I talked about my son, Jaxson, and these tantrums he was having that I’ve been working to resolve off and on for some time and using nutrigenomics to heal him. Jaxson’s story has quickly become

Conscious Business Success: 'In The Flow' Writing A Book, Consciousness, Flow, Insight, Success, Motivation, Feelings, Words, Abundance

Conscious Business Success: 'In The Flow' | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

This is the beginning of a series of blog posts designed to help you manifest more of the clients and business you want, and less of what you don't want, giving you much needed insight into how to create a successful business built on a sound foundation - mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically

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Super Moon November 2016: Reflect, Release, & Manifest! | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

We are in the midst of experiencing a beautiful Super Moon which we will not experience again any time soon. This energy is powerful for us all and is symbolic of the energy of bringing our desires to fruition - creating and manifesting our desires into our physical reality. The power the full moon holds is immense

How Imagination Begins The Manifestation Process Piano Y Violin, Rhonda Byrne, Spiritual Teachers, Good Morning Good Night, Spiritual Practices, Fb Covers, Stock Foto, Infant Activities, Motivate Yourself

How Imagination Begins The Manifestation Process | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

“If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor In my last article, I talked about the science of inspiration, how it works in the brain, and how it connects you to Spirit to motivate you and move you forward. Your imagination and the creative power of your mind also play an

Illustration about Brain left analytical and right creative hemispheres sketch concept vector illustration. Illustration of icons, intellect, creative - 44536474 Brain Drawing, Brain Art, Brain Yoga, Brain Science, Left Brain Right Brain, Music And The Brain, Brain Illustration, Buch Design, Vector Art

Inspiration and How It Connects You To Spirit | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

In Theology, "inspiration" is defined as "a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul; the divine quality of the writings or words of a person so influenced." My latest article is below on inspiration, the science behind it, and how it connects you back to Spirit.

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How To Remember Dreams and Connect to Spirit | Sallie Keys

One of the best ways to connect to Spirit to get messages is through your dreams. You would be quite surprised the amount of messages and level of insight you can get from Spirit by utilizing your dreamtime effectively. The reason why “dreamwork” is so effective is that your mind cannot get in the way, and if

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Energy Clearing: How To Get Rid of Negative Energy | Sallie Keys

Energy Healing is healing modality that falls under the category of alternative medicine and is more and more widely recognized each and every day. It can be conducted in person or by distance through the use of intuition and intent, which is what I do for my clients each and every day. Just as we each have a

When anxiety threatens our peace of mind, it can be difficult to stay in the moment.But one mindfulness tool used by multiple psychologists has the potential to pull our brains free from the anxiety … Meditation Benefits, Daily Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness Activities, Mindfulness Practice, Mindfulness In The Workplace, How To Ease Anxiety, Cognitive Distortions, Stress

Do You Know WHO to Consult for Spiritual Guidance and When? | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

There are many sources available to each of us when we are in need of spiritual guidance or assistance. The key is knowing WHO to go to in each different situation to give you the best guidance available to help you in your time of need, and with guidance that can come from so many places, it can be hard to know unless

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Are You Denying Help From Spirit? Read THIS To Find Out… | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

When you don’t trust that Spirit is going to bring us what you need, you are essentially denying that abundance exists. When you worry and stress about abundance coming to you, it blocks the flow, not only because your thoughts are in the wrong place, but also because if you truly trusted in Spirit, you wouldn’t be

Researchers have discovered the link between yoga and reduced symptoms of depression. If you're struggling, here's why you should give yoga a try. Meditation Retreat, Meditation Music, Mindfulness Meditation, Prayer For Today, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Music, Spiritual Awakening, Relaxing Music, Calming Music

Private Akashic Records Readings | Discover Your Soul History NOW! | Sallie Keys

It's no coincidence you are here right now. You Want To Know How to Intentionally Manifest. Whether you are in business for yourself or working for someone else, you're likely not manifesting what you want when you want it, but rather you're manifesting what you don't want in your life. You know

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How To Trust The Messages You Receive From Spirit | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

Opening up your mind to receive messages from Spirit is not always the easiest thing to be able to do. For one, you have to be open to what you might hear. You also have to be willing to receive messages and allow them to come through to you, no matter what they are. You have to be open to the truth. This can be the

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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Imagination | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

Continuing my discussion about how to connect with your Spirit Guides, I’d like to share with you one of the most popular ways I give my clients as an exercise to connect with their Spirit Guides … by using your imagination. Utilizing the skill to visualize and imagine can open up avenues of communication with

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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: Relax! | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

Many clients come to me hoping to connect with their Spirit Guides to receive answers to very important questions and I love having the ability to provide those answers for them. I’ve worked really hard to improve my ability to channel messages from Spirit for both myself and my clients and it’s very rewarding for

Sallie Keys is a healer, a pioneer, and a provider and teacher of spiritual truth and healing wisdom. Harpers Ferry, Abundant Life, To Manifest, Healer, Abundance, Sally, Dreaming Of You, Keys, Spirituality

Sallie Keys is a healer, a pioneer, and a provider and teacher of spiritual truth and healing wisdom.

What Your Soul Wants You To Know About Past Lives by Sallie Keys  Your Soul has lived many lifetimes and has had many experiences. Your past lives are loaded with knowledge for you to gain from. It wants you to know about them. It wants you to know that no matter how bad an experience you have had may SEEM to you, there was value in it for you. There is value in all the learning you have experienced, no matter what it was or when it occurred.  Your Soul wants you to know that. Akashic Records, Your Soul, Past Life, Want You, Abundance, Sally, Gain, Keys, Knowledge

What Your Soul Wants You To Know About Your Past Lives | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

Your Soul has lived many lifetimes and has had many experiences. Your past lives are loaded with knowledge for you to gain from. It wants you to know about them. It wants you to know that no matter how bad an experience you have had may SEEM to you, there was value in it for you. There is value in all the learning you

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Here's Why You Should Have A Past Life Reading | Sallie Keys | Sallie Keys

Believe it or not, your past lives have shaped the life you are living today. The choices you make each day are often based on your past experiences, regardless of whether they were good or bad. Yes, your decisions and actions are constantly influenced by what can seem like invisible forces at times, but I assure you