You are my rock ... pebble

Gift idea - message stone hand painted - love - "You Are My Rock" - garden art - graphic lettering design with dots - home decor

these will be in my garden :-)

Snail Sculpture

Cute little garden snails made from rock or marbles wrapped in wire. *This would be awesome with copper wire. Copper keeps snail's and slugs from gardens!

Tutorial on rock art......The Bicycle-Gardening Chronicles...: Painting Rocks

The Bicycle-Gardening Chronicles.: Painting Rocks (smb: I saw a bio on work like this. The artist picks rocks with these types of textures and paints them. There is no carving involved.


This rock pagoda in a feng shui garden really stands out against the skyline. Would you have the patience to create something so intricate and fragile? (by Paul Volker) Reminds me of rides I took w/mother to see SD's "rock artist.