This is 2 ponytails in one. First tease crown and make half ponytail, secure with a rubber hair band. Then pull all of hair into a ponytail, secure with a hair band. Tease ponytail for fullness.

Braided Pony Tail

10 Pony Hairstyles That You Can Try Right Now

Hair style Vintage Modern Beauty Shop Hair Styling Magazine Makeup been wearing my hair this way for years, I love big hair

Bubble Pony

Hairstyles in every style look tremendous from updo to half hairstyle, pony tail to braid hairstyles. Pony tail hairstyles are excellent to complement your ravishing look in summer.

pink sparkles, slight tint of purple hair, wrapped pony, long and sleek

Low pony w/ bouffant and side bang

Ponytails are classic and easy hairstyles that can be worn as a last-minute fashion. Ponytails hairstyles look amazing not only when worn by young girls but also look chic and classy on a mature.

Step one: Put all of your hair in a low ponytail in the back. Step two: Use your fingers to create a small hole at the base of the ponytail. Step three: Put your fingers up through the hole and bring the ponytail down through it, flipping it inside out.

fishy fishy, the fishtail plait is definitely the answer to managing festival hair! Looks great as a tight braid or messy plait.

High pony

3 Beauty Trends to Look Forward to in 2012

Take a glimpse at those gorgeous and stunning ponytail hairstyles which are so trendy in 2012 and come in various styles as; low, high, wrapped ponytails, etc.