Salote Lutu
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Tequila bottles to Bath salt/epsom salt holders. Really any nice alcohol bottle.

Turn empty liquor bottles into beauty containers (bubble bath, bath salts etc). Love this idea, wut where to get empty liquor bottles? I don't drink, maybe A craft store sells them! I have a very old whisky stone bottle that holds my bulk kitchen salt.

AWESOME idea for Lego storage and table.

AWESOME idea for Lego storage and table - The inspiration came from this "Family Fun" magazine project: Lego Table. The smartly designed table uses three plastic drawer units on wheels, a board, stools and Lego bases to create the perfect building center.

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, closet cooking. A more "lets do this in our home kitchen take" since, unlike some other similar recipes, this calls for headless shrimp. An easy one with common ingredients.