Ginger Rounds

4 o'clock tea
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a woman is pouring water into a teapot
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there are many tea cups and plates on the table
Ad Astra
a table that has some food on top of it with a view of the mountains
the movie poster for julia and julia starring mary street ann adams, who is smiling
Julie & Julia (soundtrack) - Julia's Theme - 01
Unsere Musik zu diesen Bildern... Zum Hören der Musik beim Betrachten der Bilder einfach mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Video klicken und es in einem neuen Tab öffnen.
two people kissing in front of a bookshelf
Bookshelf Porn
A meeting of the minds: Book Lover’s Romance
there is a poster with the words where there's tea there's hope
a woman sitting on a chair with her legs crossed
a woman holding a coffee cup with red fingernails and flowers painted on the side, in front of her face
Tea time
a table topped with lots of tea pots and dishes covered in flowers next to a wooden wall
Urban Outfitters UK