Winter Wonderland Shortbread

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two small wooden dolls are in a felt tunnel, one is wearing a white coat and the other has a black nose
Winter pegdolls. Penguin and Inuit
someone making a wreath out of greenery on the ground with their hands and fingers
Winter Wreath Making — My Blue&White Kitchen
Wreath Making | My Blue&White Kitchen
a bridge that has some flowers on it in the snow
central park, nyc
two people are walking in the snow with their dog and birds flying around them on a snowy day
a close up of a plant with frost on it's leaves and flowers in the foreground
two people picking up a christmas tree in the snow
Bon Appétit « Ditte Isager – Photographer
W i n t e r
an old postcard with people walking down the street in front of a large building
a pine cone sitting on top of a book next to a glass jar with lights in the background
Christmas tree - DIY
an image of some cookies on a table with snowflakes and icing around them
Housewares + Kitchenware Store
#Decorated #Snowflake #Cookies #noel #christmas
a jar filled with small pieces of food next to a pine branch and tag on the top
Tasty heaven. Fløtekarameller.
several wrapped presents are stacked on top of each other