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Executive coaching and business coaching: The Multiplier Mindset: Insights & Tips for Entrepreneurs

stained glass panels

See some fabulous examples of original stained glass panels by exciting contemporary glass artists

I imagine this is exactly how this would go.

Funny pictures about DC meets Marvel. Oh, and cool pics about DC meets Marvel. Also, DC meets Marvel photos.

Sherlolly collab - Important Things by lexieken on deviantART. Married and with big news!

Sherlolly collab - Important Things by ~lexieken on deviantART oh my god oh my god the little story was so cute ^_^ I'm slowly starting to fall in love with sherlolly, the story made me so happy!

Robopocalypse (2013) - Preview | Sci-Fi Movie Page

Robopocalypse A Novel (Book) : Wilson, Daniel H. : Two decades into the future humans are battling for their very survival when a powerful AI computer goes rogue, and all the machines on earth rebel against their human controllers.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime concept art from Transformers War for Cybertron!