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Study Finds Emotions Can Be Mapped to the Body by Shannon Firth, usnews: "Our data show bodily sensations associated with different emotions are so specific that, in fact, they could at least in theory contribute significantly to the conscious feeling of the corresponding emotion." Dr. Antonio Damasio, an expert in consciousness, said the study provided compelling evidence to support claims "that the content of emotion is largely based on the perception of body states." #Science #Mind_Body


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The Super-Kamiokande detector in Japan, an underground tank that holds 50 million liters of water, captures neutrinos that emanate from a particle accelerator nearly 300 kilometers away. When a neutrino hits the detector, it can produce charged particles, whose high speed through the water emits a flash of light, triggering phototubes mounted in the walls of the Super-K tank. The experiment investigates muon neutrinos transforming into electron neutrinos.


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Great Gifts for Geeks…

Great Gifts for Geeks…

Great gifts for NERDS not geeks geeks love games that is why there is a g in both and geek suck at math and that stuff DUH GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE


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NASA - NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Begins Arm-Work Phase


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Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [1 of 3] by Vihart: 'Am I the only one who would love to spend a day in her head?' #Mathematics #Plants #Vi_Hart


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Aerogel Cube & JPL Scientist Peter Tsou by NASA/JPL via wikipedia: Nicknamed 'solid smoke', aerogel is a synthetic porous material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with a gas, resulting in a very low density solid with thermal conductivity. It feels like styrofoam! #Aerogel #NASA_JPL #wikipedia


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Finally! First color panorama picture. NASA - Gale Crater Vista, in Glorious Color


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Comment if you're staying up late to watch Curiosity's landing!!!!


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