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    Life hacks

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    40 Printable Writing Prompts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders. Print, cut them apart, and put them in a jar and you have an instant summer writing plan!

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    Lesson ideas using Some Smug Slug- for 5th grade. I used this and my fifth grade classes loved it!

    Some Smug Slug

    72 Journal writing prompts for 5th graders (could definitely use them for other grades too).

    5th Grade Writing Prompts

    Common Core Writing Prompts for the 4 Types of Writing (expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive). Includes anchor chart for each writing type, common core writing standards for grades 3-5, editing checklist, writing prompts, label and directions for your jar, writing paper templates!

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    Literacy & Math Ideas: Common Core Writing Common Core Writing/ Common Core writing shares many similarities with writing that has been required in the past. One of the major differences in the inclusion of something called opinion writing. At the lower grades this is what this type of writing is called. At the middle school grade levels and higher, it is called argument writing.

    Literacy & Math Ideas: Common Core Writing

    WellSpent App. Best Budgeting App out there!!

    WellSpent - The Last Budgeting App You'll Ever Need - for iPhone

    The Effects of Afib on the Body

    7 Effects of Atrial Fibrillation on the Body

    Good lessons for everyone to follow! ♥

    Inside a toddler’s brain

    30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids. This really is one of the best things I've found on Pinterest. Such an amazing list of things to do for/with your children to show them what wonderful little people they are!

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    Good reminder about what to focus on. The Top 10 manners your children should know by the age of 5. This is SO very true! More parents should listen to these very common words of wisdom!

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    EASY, FAST IDEA for Teaching Parts of Speech~ Write several sentences on the board that each include the parts of speech you want students to review. Teams take turns choosing a sentence and identifying the part of speech of any word in that sentence. Award one point for a correct answer. Students cross out the identified word. The team with more points when all the words have been crossed out wins. Simple and engaging!

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    How to Connect Even When Correcting Your Childs Behavior

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    20 Questions to ask your children when you're putting them to bed to help develop your relationship

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    » 6 Tips for Raising Kind Children via AWESOMELY AWAKE

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    I wish someone would have taught me this a long time ago so I would remember gallons, quarts, pints, and cups! This is pure GENIUS!!!

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    Fractions fifth grade

    Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Literally "Walking through Math Problems": Great for any student who struggles with explaining their thinking

    Math Processing Breakdowns * The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

    Type in your formulas and it explains how to get the right answer!

    Calculators, Lessons, and Worksheets

    Teaching prepositions - would this help reading word problems?

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    Want to see if your kids really know what they are doing when they are problem solving? Want to focus your kids into the process of problem solving? This simple one page problem solver includes a place for students to choose their strategy, to choose their math concept, to show their work, and to justify their answer. It also includes a grading rubric that allows you to show them what they need to work on to become better problem solvers. This file is saved as a .doc fully editable page, s...

    Problem Solving Assessment - Personalizable for Different Classes

    Holy cow! This is such a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping that would save a TON of mistakes regrouping across zeros!


    Practice sight words

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    TEACHERS CAN SET UP IN THEIR CLASSROOMS FOR FREE!! What is Big IQ Kids? Big IQ Kids is an online K-8 program that covers spelling, vocabulary, math and U.S. Geography. They even have a SAT vocabulary test prep section and ebooks made by kids for kids! This program can be incorporated in the classroom, homeschooling environment and used for after school reinforcement.

    Big IQ Review

    Resources for teaching math with songs

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