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"I gave you the world, but you wanted the stars" The inspirational Beau Taplin

"I gave you the world, but you wanted the stars" - Beau Taplin (The Long Road)

R.h sin

It's a horrible curse and I keep searching for the cure. Deep down I know this is what it will always be. I wonder how long it is till I can't survive it anymore.

I hope to arrive to my death late, in love, and a little drunk. YES! This MUST be in my Obit/Memorial Service handout!

Landon ♥️

So true. My kids have literally be the reason to keep living for the past few years.the only thing keeping me alive. My two undeserved blessings from God.

Lessons Learned in Life | You have to move on.

Forever GoodBye, bc i knw he is to busy to fight for me . im not gnna wait for you anymore, it kills mee, but i have to move one .

Heartfelt Quotes: Just move on.

I'm going though a hard time right now my friend and I aren't friends anymore and this touched my heart.

Every second of every day your heart and my heart beat as one! Hope YOU are having a AMAZING morning BEAUTIFUL!

you have that to look forward to :) OMG bahahahahahahahaha!!! this is just horrible, but I find it hilarious

Looking a t breakup pins and I see this! Definitely a change of pace. I did need that laugh though.