@Chloe Francis @Mackenzie Kabrick Best friends forever!

WebMD is like one of those choose your own adventure books where the result is always death. @Tara Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Guice

funniest tumblr text post nacho lucky day

Daily odd compliment

Best friends be like..


Having the same friend in all stages of your life #SPICE4LIFE #S4L #Friendship #Friendship4Life #FriendshipQuotes

Love you <3

Daily Odd Compliment funny lol

How I Met Your Mother "som'bitch" cookies- peanut butter chocolate chip caramel cookies! HIMYM @Holly Elkins Elkins Elkins Elkins Elkins Elkins White


brunette and subtle honey highlights *******this is my next hair color********

sweeping fringe Desired length with blonde tones Fringe is swept to the side for a dramatic effect. Products used is smooth lock, and I would say some anti snap. The shampoo would be diamond oil. Come in every 4-6 weeks for a retouch and to achieve the desired length.


I want my hair to look like this. i love it! and i Love Rachel McAdams as a blond.

This cut is cute

Highlights for brunettes

2013 Fall Highlights for Brunette Hair

true love

benefits of bring my friend funny quotes friendship quote friendship quotes funny quote funny quotes. So true!!!

Mac 'n Cheese Pancakes, life's too short not to try these

Mason Jar Shot Glass!

Bottlecap backsplash tile. Fun idea for a basement bar.

True American (Drinking Game) Rules

Conversations about hot guy celebrities with my best friend