One direction funny moments .... This is absolutely adorable, I want a friendship like this ...

One direction funny moments. They are such great friends and it shows! Lol but it looks like Niall is thinking that other chair might be more comfortable

Um, yeah

my life has always been like that thanks to anime/manga and now also because of kpop. Oh add kdrama to that.


Ashton, Niall, and Liam

One Direction

I'll be old and wrinkly and i'll still keep all of the albums and stuff. i wsh there was some way to save all of the fan videos and everything we have now though like they might be gone when we are 60 70 years old but I'll still want to watch them.

Niall would smile so hard if he saw this

"The only thing Irshmen love more than themselves is Niall Horan." Everyone loves Niall Horan.

So which member of one direction wants to marry me? please raise your hand ;

exactly!!! I can't be the only one though...can I? I love Niall (the most), and even though I love the other boys, Niall is Niall and I love Niall for being him. He's perfect!! xx

This is so true. I have loved Niall from the start, NEVER for sympathy!

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Nial Horan ♥

Niall Horan, my heart melted a lot


Niall Horan at Boutique Nightclub in Melbourne Niall wearing glasses? Who gave him permission?

im that 17%

I would probably try to kill myself, get caught, do a lot of therapy, a doctor give me depression pills, and the conclusion. I die sad and alone in a mental institution.O I really hope he doesn't drop out

Keep Calm and luv 1D

This is for one direction lovers

Keep calm

keep calm and eat fav thing


Posters: One Direction Door Poster - Niall Horan, 2012 x 21 inches)