50's skirts                                                       …

Welcher dieser wundervollen Röcke steht mir wohl am Besten ? Which of these wonderful skirts suits me probably best?

It's Audacious! ad Van Heusen Shirts 1949    You'll never know what results you'll get until you try....    Life Magazine 1949

It's Audacious! 1949 Van Heusen Shirt Ad # illustration advertising # old ads # sexist ads # ads ads ads commercial

Love for a chirstmas card photo!the best gift of all. ~ Romantic WWII era illustration of a soldier on leave at home spending Christmas with his girl, ca.

Diva by Marco Fabiano

Posting a picture like this on the fridge might seem like good motivation for weight loss. But scientists say it might instead inspire weight gain. Something to think about as you pin pictures of skinny women for motivation.