Use zippered pencil pouches to organize puzzles instead of storing the bulky boxes. Cut off the image from the front of the box and store it in the bag, too. (This blog post has several great ideas for organizing kids toys.)

The Navy Stripe: Organizing Kids Toys - store puzzle pieces in zippered pencil pouches from the dollar store!

the most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest...

The most genius idea.I so need something like this! I cannot blow dry my hair with the round brush myself at all!

35 Clever Food Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Simple trick to buying perfectly ripe avocados. For a perfectly ripe avocado, start with these tips: First, find a good candidate by selecting avocados that are a very dark green without any obvious indents or smooshy parts. It should be heavy and firm.

April 1 is coming, a list of thirty harmless pranks

Blue Teeth and a Numb Mouth A drop of food coloring or drop of Orajel on a toothbrush with alternately turn ones teeth blue or numb the mouth. Both temporary, both perfect April Fool’s day practical jokes.

Life hacks / iFunny :)

Life Hacks - Idea about the passwords is actually pretty good. I'll have to remember that when it comes time to change them!

1000 Life Hacks

Life hacks: When your kids are born, reserve them a good email address. Send them pictures, notes, etc. Give them the password on their birthday. What a cool idea.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics Pretty cool stuff. Except the milk and cookies do you get the milk out when you're done? You can't leave it in there.

1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks, there are some really funny items on here. I had no idea where to pin this but this site is really awesome, and the descriptions crack me up

Life hacks, gotta try some of these

Let me know when you find the odd one out in these life hacks