Shrunken head cider

Shrunken Heads in Cider

Shrunken Heads in Cider - Martha Stewart Recipes. Halloween Apple Cider, apples are carved to look like shrunken heads in the apple cider.

Witches' Brew | "Kids loved it! Fingers a little fragile and broke some off. I threw them in the punch and kids thought severed fingers were creepy. Punch was "potion" of half ginger ale and half apple juice."

Take a plastic examination glove, preferably a powderless one and fill with water (use red food coloring to make it look bloody). Freeze and then peel off the glove to leave a hand shaped ice cube to float in your punch bowl.

Halloween Fruit Apple Teeth Treats | "These are absolutely adorable, pretty easy to make, and the perfect treat to bring to a Halloween party. I brought them to my 2-year-old's school party and they LOVED them, and so did the moms! " -Jen

Fruits And Vegetables, Halloween Fruit Apple Teeth Treats, These Cute Snaggle-Toothed Apple Snacks Contain Nothing But Fresh Apples And Slivered Almonds, And Kids Love Them.


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