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four different pictures with water, flowers and sky in the middle one photo has an ocean wave by samlovesherdog, via Flickr
four different pictures with yellow and green colors, including a woman's handbag
Neon chartreuse: Nail polish, purse & door
an old photo with some people on it
Black & White
there is a pink cake with icing on the plate next to some papers and a knife
Pretty pink & peach
the cover of brooklyn magazine, featuring an image of a woman on a scooter
Art. Work.
my perfect look: Casablanca, Alexander Wang, Sweatshirt Collection, Cool Weather, Wing Necklace, Wish List, Perfect Outfit, Night Out
Cool weather wish list
my perfect look:
an orange poster with black and white images of people in different positions, including one man jumping
Books for sale | eBay
quarterlane loves this Peter Mendelsund cover. quarterlane’s studied assortment of handpicked reads brings you a curated selection of books to your doorstep every 3 months. We are a brand that believes in the printed page and the art of recommending a good book.
a woman standing next to a pile of doughnuts
Desperately craving autumn