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10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead

There are certain words that every woman should embody. We should be known for carrying ourselves with our shoulders back, full of pride and confidence.


Stuck In A Rut? These 5 Books Are Just The Inspiration You Need

Crisp fall air, hot cocoa, chunky sweaters, and good reads: Fall is my favorite season for all those reasons. But I most look forward to the influx of fantastic books. As an author focused on the


Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family life quotes family friends life life lessons inspiration instagram fake friends

Always true. But some people choose to believe deceit so that it suits what they want. Which means they are living in denial from the beginning and that the relationship will continue to be built on lies. Always be there for them when the truth comes out.