Here are some bizarre construction FAILS that will really make you wonder.<<< the last one actually makes sense because you could put the wheelchair thingies and walk down the stairs instead of bumping all the way down the stairs

I've never been held hostage but I've been on a group text - HATE group texts!

I'm a nerd...yes I laughed way more than I should have

K potassum tshirt

Grrrr this us one of my biggest pet peeves! Don't respond to my texts with a single letter! Gonna start responding with potassium, yo!

Brilliant Pumpkin Carving

Brilliant Pumpkin Carving

Funny pictures about Brilliant pumpkin carving. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant pumpkin carving. Also, Brilliant pumpkin carving photos.

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Funny pictures about Peanut Emergency. Oh, and cool pics about Peanut Emergency. Also, Peanut Emergency photos.

Homer on the internet

Homer on the internet

HAHAHA = very funny; // “He took the time to press the shift key, Marge. I think he knows what he’s talking about.

"Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave."

Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Funny pictures about Smile and wave boys. Oh, and cool pics about Smile and wave boys. Also, Smile and wave boys.

Shortage of robots

Shortage of robots

Print these out before black friday and send in with mike. or pin up at the bar.

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