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This schoolgirl favorite is all grown up. See the 12 new braided hairstyles we can't get enough of and learn exactly how to do them
Oisss nunca e visto conbinar tan tan bien el negro con.dorado k no se digaa What?! I found these in black and chestnut for $92! Amazing deal!!! I couldn't pin the discounted page.. Email me and I'll get you there
Bow Pumps <3 Okay, two things. A) I must have these for my own and 2) must manufacture reasons to wear them once they belong to meeeee! :D Seriously, need these.
Heels covered in lace :)
If you’re looking for cute Disney nail designs for your next trip to a Disney Park or you just want something heartwarming on your nails, you’re at the right place. Disney movies have ability to make us feel happy and full of joy just as if we’re a child again… and that’s why we love them …
Michala M's VIPs Guide to LuLaRoe on a Budget  "I LOVE LuLaRoe but it's so EXPENSIVE for just an outfit." I hear this phrase so oft...
Do Nothing Tornado Cake! – My Incredible Recipes
Berry Feta Spinach Salad with Creamy Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing and CANDIED pistachios is so easy, delicious and beautiful for company, it is sure to become a new favorite!