Boy from Mongolia. Mongolia is landlocked in east and Central Asia with Russia to the north and China to the south east and west.

I found this doing research for my World Food Prize essay! Mongolia all the way! Mongolian child and Yak calf - David Edwards

In the mountains of Pakistan, 6,000 people live who look and sound very different from their neighbors. They claim to have lived in the area for thousands of years and they look European. Many of the Kalash are blond haired and blue eyed, an anomaly in Pakistan! Some believe that they are descendants of Alexander the Great’s army though their true ethnic origins are still unproven. DNA testing has not produced any connection to Greeks, yet it also showed no East or South Asian lineages…

Kalash Girl of Northern Pakistan. The Kalash are fascinating. They don't share DNA markers with any other races/peoples, and they are so isolated they have managed to preserve their culture. They're the only non-muslim people in Pakistan.

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Elisabeth Daynes exhibition reveals the face of pre-historic people. The bones of the woman (sculpture/left) discovered in France's Dordogne region and date back more than 17,000 years  were used in the reconstruction...and this is how she looked

How our ancestors really looked (and dressed)

Visual artist Elisabeth Daynes stands next to a reconstruction of "The woman from the Pataud Shelter" on November 2014 in Bordeaux (AFP Photo/Mehdi Fedouach)

The badass female pioneers of archaeology.         From left to right, top to bottom:       1. Gertrude Bell      2. Mary Leakey      3. Amelia Edwards      4. Dorothy Garrod      5. Mary Anning      6. Ruth Benedict      7. Gertrude Caton-Thompson      8. Hilda Petrie      9. Hetty Goldman

The strong & brave female pioneers of archaeology. From left to right, top to bottom: Gertrude Bell Mary Leakey Amelia Edwards Dorothy Garrod Mary Anning Ruth Benedict Gertrude Caton-Thompson Hilda Petrie Hetty Goldman

First Period Architecture | Newburyport Preservation Trust

Simple structures with only two rooms on the ground floor, Ceilings were low and windows small made of tiny panes of glass. Massive fireplaces in the middle of the house.

As an anthropology major, I love stuff like this!

Archaeology - An anthropology joke, because dates are everything for research in history.