Hey going to the concert and is opening so, I mean I guess they have a better chance of noticing me.

I dont swear but I'm not giving up the chance to repost this<<< IDK about this, but I guess i can't risk it

I've risked it so many god damn times. The first time I've ever repinned on of these. ♥ I am not gonna risk this one!!!

I've pinned this so many times before and I really hate chain mail, but I can't EVER risk this. I mean it's already a good chance that I'm never going to meet them and I know that this stuff doesn't actually work but still.

Repin if you are #2

I would especially buy it if it was just the bassist blowing raspberries into the microphone XD <--- pls pete do this k

Who's the better fetus One Direction I hate 5 Seconds Of Summer no offense

Luke has grown so much he used to be shorter than Michael and now he's taller than a giraffe :')<<< he always says he isn't that tall but he is. He's the tallest of them all. He is a giraffe.

Guys lets get this trending and try to get 5sos to see this please thanks xx #5SOSsummercamp

Guys lets get this trending and try to get to see this please thanks xx would be so fun c'mon guys lets do this definitely NEEDS to happen

My friend would legitimately die if she saw this. I'm not a real big band person, but she's important to me, so I'm pinning it.


Alright dudes, I'm getting tired of seeing these posts everywhere lol. Technically they didn't steal our logo, they originally had theirs. There's nothing we can do about it alright, so let's all just move on an embrace the logo ashton made, kk?