I wanted to show my customers how do I design the shoulder tattoo. Sometimes I dont even draw this far. I prefer using the digital art as a reference picture for the tattoo by sanni_ink


These 11 Tattoo Designs Will Make You Want To Get Inked

It seems as if I go through a phase of wanting one and not wanting one every month.re so pretty and inspirational but would I want it on me permanently? Who knows, all we know is these 11 tattoo ideas are absolutely gorgeous!

I got matching tattoos with my best friend today. More

The semi-colon tattoo is a suicide prevention idea, my story go on. Here it's made with a heart as a best friend tattoo. This is one of my favorite best friend tattoos.


Love the life you live, Live the life you love made into an infinity symbol tattoo. I love and want this!

Love this hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbirds symbolize joy, great courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability. Hummingbird spirit animal is a powerful symbol of endurance.

mother daughter tattoos 44

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Mother-Daughter Tattoos

These mothers and daughters are celebrating their love by getting matching tattoos. From quotes and symbols to connecting images, permanent ink is an awesome symbol of the eternal mother-daughter bond.

"I just got this yesterday :)My daddy is a fisher so I made it for him !I got it a Studio Ironik, in Laval, Quebec/Canada by Frank. "

Studio Ironik, in Laval, Quebec/Canada by Frank. Not something I would get, but I love the style so might look into seeing this Frank guy.

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