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Fall Themed Bulletin Board... Directions: 1. Brown butcher paper, I crumbled it to make the tree bark effect; staple on the bulletin board in the shape of a tree. 2. Cut multiple colors of leaves in fall colors; use a Ellison Dye-cut machine to finish in a timely manner. 3. Layer the leaves to create a 3-D effect. For the last few layers of leaves use masking tape or a hot glue gun to cover the staples. (Makes you FALL in love with it; doesn't it?)


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A great way to make your students and their families feel part of your classroom community.

House of Families

I want someone to make this for me. :) Actually, again, it would cool at school. Oh, a huge wall of the classroom community... PTA parents sign up!

Home Confetti: Family Tree Craft

In This School Education Wall Decal

One of my many new displays (: it's a bit busy but it's to show parents all the things we do to help us get ready to write!

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Summer La Fromboise

from The Curious Kindergarten

Fostering partnerships between home and school…

"This is a picture of our classroom family wall – a dedicated spot in the room that holds photographs of the children and their families (and pictures of my family and our ECE’s family too!). As the photos have been brought in we have taken time each day during our sharing circle for the children to introduce and talk about their families. We’ve learned about brothers and sisters, moms and dads, grandmas, papas, opas, and bubbis (and even a few family pets!)." The Curious Kindergarten ≈≈

Fostering partnerships between home and school...

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