Inspiração. Ao que parece minhas tendências para um quarto vão do boho ao…

Take a white duvet cover and block print onto it (thinking black + gold ink) Magical Thinking Durga Comforter - Urban Outfitters

Love the faux fur. Would love a mini version for Airstream bedding.

Boho bedroom furs Gawd, do I ever love this lush, bohemian chic bedroom! The wonderful and large-scale architectural piece that acts as a headboard makes me think of Moorish castles, or perhaps Marrakesh. Such a wonderful mishmash, with furs over a shabby

hakuna matata

Simple Design Cheap Pillowcase Hakuna Matata Throw Pillow by Fashion home decor yan

butterfly effect

Roses in her hair Drawings by UK based artist Kate Louse Powell Take me away Fairy girl drawing Butterfly effect drawing Weird fishes drawing Drawing of girl with hummingbirds Mollie rose drawing Holland… Continue Reading →