Sarah's Nursery

We have a very small space set aside (the seating area of our bedroom) to turn into a nursery. We decided on this because we know realistically she will be in our bedroom for the first 6 months to a year anyway (if not longer), so why not put her crib there! Here are some things we've been putting together to bring this space to life, and others that I just like! Colors: Gray (walls), white (accents and crib), lavender, and green
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Love this room! Our walls are close to the same color. Birds are lavender for our little girl, even though I love the bright blue.


Pefect "nursing" chair to add to the enchanted forest theme, and unlike a normal glider, we will be able to leave it in the seating area after the baby moves rooms. Of course, the seat cushion will have to be changed.


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project nursery: the crib dilemma

Not exactly the modern crib I dream of, but perfectly acceptable at a tenth of the price!

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