Saturday Sips! Autumn Sangria, Two Ways

Autumn bottle red wine (we chose pinot noir) 2 cups apple cider, 1 chopped apple, 1 chopped pear, 3 cinnamon sticks. Combine all the ingredients together in a large pitcher and place in the refrigerator. Let sit overnight or several hours and serve cold.

Fresh Peach Margaritas

Fresh Peach Margaritas - these fruity cocktails can be ready in just 10 minutes!!! SO delish. We tried to make them individually and I think our ratio's were off, next time we'll make the whole pitcher like it suggests

Blood Orange Margarita

Classic Blood Orange Margarita Recipe is the best!

Cocktail with Champagne, Pomegranate and Clementines

Cocktail au Champagne, grenade, clémentine, Limoncello et tanti auguri!

Perrier Cocktail Recipes: 3 Gin and Jam CocktailsBy Emily Miller On a recent trip to the Hudson Whiskey distillery we discovered a very simple, very clever recipe that we just had to explore further....

Ginger Pina Colada recipe adds a great twist to a classic summer cocktail | Nourish and Inspire Me

Pina Colada recipes with and without alcohol