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    Prayer Stations

    There are many sites on the web that I got these from - often just copying and pasting. Here' are a couple: and The entire purpose of a contemplative prayer station is to create a time and space for people to experience God in their lives. Prayer stations can be highly creative or an incredibly simple approach to prayer and spiritual reflection. Typically, a space is set up where people can enter and participate at their own pace and level.

    Prayer Stations

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    Worship Response Stations: Wall of Blessing

    Free Prayer Station Kit: Night of Silence

    VCC Kids: Worship Response Stations: Wall of Blessing

    Maundy Thursday Prayer stations

    Advent Prayer stations

    Wonderful Advent Prayer Stations

    Prayer Loom finished. Nice - just imagine all the pretty colored papers you could use for a project like this!

    9 simple but creative prayer stations for youth ministry, using ordinary items.

    fire and ice meditation and prayer station to feel your heart opening/melting for others.

    Back to School Prayer Stations from One of my yearly traditions is to have a special prayer service before the youth start back to school. This service has taken many forms, but the focus is always on praying for your school and for ...

    Fizzy Forgiveness Prayer station...Download the PDF for instructions I always need a visual... I think this is an excellent way to discuss and teach children and grown ups how to pray and forgive.

    Creative Family Prayer Times; (Why do We Pray) - The MM Prayer could easily be used with a youth group

    Take what you need

    Labyrinths using rope lighting

    This contemplative prayer station involves eating food as a way to symbolize prayers for God to change us, making us more like Christ.

    Prayer station

    Interactive Prayer Stations

    Encountering Jesus Prayer Stations: Jesus and the 10 Lepers, Gratitude

    Creating a Lent Prayer Station {for kids} that takes only minutes a day. #Easter #Lent #Growing Faith in Kids

    Projected labyrinth, Cork, Ireland, 2005. Design by Labyrinthos. || How? Figure it out and it could be done outside, maybe during easter vigil or during the down time of an overnight retreat or, even if it was on a wall it could still be traced and a body movement is still used.

    The Art of Thelogical Reflection: mixed media. || find a blank prayer labyrinth. In your prayer time as you begin the labyrinth- write down those things you're praying for. Words, phrases, situations, people, organizations, etc.

    Martha & Mary....This prayer station helps us to identify our daily habits and tendencies. Then we are asked to reflect on what God’s priorities dictate.

    A Walk Through The Lord's Prayer - Prayer Stations

    bringing things out of the darkness and into light...people invited inside to write on the walls

    Each of these stations were designed to be used by individual worshipers in a self-guided worship activity. These stations were written to accompany the LOVE worship outline, but they can be used o...